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About Hair Renewal Clinic

Hair Renewal Clinic is an extension of Body Renewal Clinic, specializing in non-surgical, and non-invasive solutions to help re-grow hair for both men and women! We have many hair-loss solutions ranging from topical products, in-clinic treatments, and take-home devices!

Our Approach: The Natural Way!

We believe that you shouldn't have to risk your health to regrow your hair. There is a great deal of stress that comes with experiencing hair loss, and the last thing you need to is to worry about is harming your body with prescription medication that may produce side effects and less-than impressive results. 

We offer the impressive in-clinic hair restoration treatments using the Revage 670 Laser System. The Revage 670 Laser is a FDA approved, safe, and painless laser system. It has great reviews and has been featured in the media on The Doctor's Show, ABC News, and in many magazine publications.

We will customize a program to meet the specific needs of each individual. To determine your stage of hair loss, we will perform an analysis on your scalp using our Hair Analytics Program. We use different scopes with various levels of magnitude to view images of the hair follicles. From there, we can recommend a program that is suitable for your individual stage of hair loss.

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